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"The First party of the Goblet"

After the closure of the Gates of Ara, ending the Second Shadow War, the Goblet of Harathorn was kept in the small wayward village of Ulvesmoor {Haraleaf} for many many years. Until, unexpectedly, the village and the Chapel of the Goblet were violently raided by a band of Goblins* with the intention of stealing the Goblet.
With their success the Goblins fled through Harathorn, where a local group of adventurers had just arrived. Quick to prove their noble valour they were bestowed the momentous task of retrieving the Goblet of Harathorn, by a Barbarian called Hothgar.
The party initially included eight persons:

- Niayon Leafwood, a young Elven Ranger who had honed his skills from deep within the forests of Dara.

- Kylan Beror, a studious Elven Scholar with a passion for ancient languages.

- Roger the Shrubber, a passing Human Village who had unnerving skill with a common fishing rod.

- Nenya, an Elven ranger and Princess from Dara.

- Jacob, an Elven Ninja, who’s quick wit and fight skills were unrivalled.

- Chilly Anty and Trebor Gimili, a Dwarven Paladin Pair, working together on their journey from Barad.

- Ragnar the Slayer, a Half-Elf Wizard, with a mysterious but heroic past.

From Harathorn the party followed tracks West through crypts infested with Goblins before emerging in Para where Kylan Beror fell to the mighty club of a Cave Troll. His role was resumed by his older brother and warrior, Nurion Beror.
Here, the reports of the party become hazy with large portions of their travels missing entirely. All that is known is that they were captured and taken south to Nara by a group of Soulkeepers.
Rumour tells that upon a small desolate isle in Nara the party and Soulkeepers clashed in battle. Many of the bodies of the Soulkeepers have been found and identified, the party however have never been seen again.

*who are believed to have been sent by Soulkeepers with the intention of starting a third Shadow War.
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Goblet of Harathorn

Goblet of Harathorn (GOH) is a group dedicated to the imaginative, interesting and in no way nerdy fantasy roleplaying tabletop game.

The RPG is now on its 4th edition and this group will display art/stories relating to the games that have taken place in the world of Ara.
See the Blog for more background information on the world Behind GOH.

So what's it all about?....
Set in a typically fantasy era, our 4th edition follows the group now known as the "Heros Of Losfar", named after the town in Iara, from which they were recruited. They were used initially to deal with local problems, but after displays of initiative and bravery (often misinterpretted stupidity), they were given the task of investigating the suspicious happenings in Fara. A region of Ara known for it's recent military activity (including conscription from within Losfar). After a long boat journey to Port of Farden, the party cunningly slipped into Fara by converting a whole section of the port from a low level mind control network to a Zebra based faith. While crossing a particularly boring patch of Fara Mainland, they happened upon a faceoff between a group of Elves from Dara and a regiment of Fara Warriors, they suceeded in quenching their boredom by devastating an entire village killing over 50 innocent bystanders. Finally arriving at FaraFord, a series of events initiated by the party lead to the assassination of 11 year old Ethias, (Lord of Fara and council representative)...

...Oh and by the way they found the main mind control stone and they blew it up creating a giant wormhole sucking into the dark and mysterious Future...[to be continued]

[continued] After a brief but highly eventful adventure upon a space station floating above the future Ara (where the heroes were required to find an omelet for a curious man named Lance Warren and encountered many strange characters such as Eddie the Ships Computer (no relation) ) they found themselves back on solid ground again and returned to the present.

Lost in a strange dark land, the party fought against hordes of undead while attempting to solve a complex puzzle. On completing this a magical barrier was activated holding back the hordes.

Having regrouped they moved North finding the nearest settlement to gauge their bearing. Turns out they were back in Ara, more specifically: Vara home to the long-waging war between Goblin and Vampires. After journeying west they finally found some intelligent civilisation. They happened upon the Fortress City of Rafsol, a goblin city, plagued with vampire troubles. Here they met a strange pirate, discovered that long lost relatives were not dead and unearthed the secret of an ancient defensive weapon for the goblins (it turned out to be a toy slingshot). Curiously they also encountered Lance Warren again...

After gaining directional assistance from two vampire hunters they travelled north with said hunters into the realm of Kara. Here amongst the many stone towers and extensive archives they sought a research project that would help them return home; a magical flying raft. In the heart of Kara they were enlisted to protect the project in its final hours. During their brief stay they unearthed curious secrets such as a fake 'Gate of Ara' and an old friend Eddie the Ships Computer (no relation). Upon defeating a giant titan beetle sent by an opposing hero party to stop them they boarded the flying raft and hurried home to Losfar.









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